ultracold atoms

Making water-cooled magnetic field coils

We recently installed new water-cooled magnetic field coils. Here, I will share our experiences when making these coils and discuss the experimental challenges we faced along the way.

Devices for labscript

Integration of a number of devices with labscript.


Pennylane plugin for labscript.

Can we run quantum circuits on ultra-cold atom devices?

In this blog-post, we present our path and thoughts towards using ultra-cold atom experiments for quantum computation. They are the result of a two month internship where we studied the feasibility of such an undertaking in our group. Many associate only universal devices, especially qubit devices, to be valid quantum computers. We show how we think of our ultra-cold atoms in terms of quantum circuits and implement first steps in the software framework [PennyLane](https://pennylane.ai/).

What are dynamical gauge fields ? A simplistic introduction by an AMO experimentalist.

Dynamical gauge fields are a fundamental concept of high-energy physics. However, learning about them typically takes enormous amounts of time and effort. As such, they are typically a bit mystical to students (including me) of other fields of physics like condensed-matter or AMO. Here, we will give a simple introduction into some of the concepts that might allow for the quantum simulation of these theories with ultracold atomic gases.The reader should know about second quantization and the basics of quantum mechanics as the arguments are based on this formalism.

Quantum transport of ultracold atoms in disordered potentials

In this thesis we study the quantum transport of matter waves with ultracold atoms. Such ultracold atom systems provide a very good control and a high flexibility of the parameters of the systems like the interactions, its dimensionality and the …